This is a list of episodes from the children's animated series, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

Season 1 (2009-2010)Edit

The full list of episodes has been released: The series took a break between 7 October 2009 and 31 January 2010.

Ep# Title First aired Production Code
1 The Way of Den-Do 7 September 2009 1
After Walter takes up origami as a martial art, Dennis scoffs and comes up with his own martial art, and so the two prepare to battle it out. 
2 Smelling of Roses 8 September 2009 2
Inspired by the mayor's call to make Beanotown Green-o-town, Dennis tries renewable fuel sources to launch his space mission. 
3 Curtains for Dennis 9 September 2009 3
Dennis uses curtains as a giant sail, not knowing its specially for the kitchen and loses it to the Colonel. 
4 Splash! 10 September 2009 4
In attempt to keep cool on a hot day, Dennis' gang dig their own pool in Dennis's backyard. 
5 The Mystery of the Missing Teapot 11 September 2009 5
Dennis comes across a bundle of objects that inspire him to be a private investigator and begins searching for Gran's lost teapot. 
6 Castle in the Air 14 September 2009 6
Dennis goes to the fair with his friends and Bea, but the owners of the fair of spoiling their fun due to last years events, especially the bouncy castle operator. 
7 Aliens Among Us 15 September 2009 7
Dennis' gang decide to make their own alien film. When Walter stumbles across them filming, he's convinced there is an alien invasion and raises a red alert in Beanotown. 
8 No Joke 16 September 2009 8
The joke shop owner, Mr Har Har, needs Dennis's help to persuade his mother not to close the joke shop down. The gang decides to try to pass Mr Har Har off as a successful vet. 
9 Dennis V.I.P 17 September 2009 9
With one backstage pass for a Ratbucket gig, Dennis and his friends pass themselves off as Ratbucket, so the real Ratbucket isn't able to play at his own concert. 
10 Bad Dad 18 September 2009 10
Dad takes Dennis to his school reunion party, in an attempt to teach him to behave grownup, but it doesn't go as planned when Walter's dad renews his rivalry with Dad. 
11 Gnasher in Nappies 21 September 2009 11
Visiting Gran in hospital, Dennis disguises Gnasher as a baby to evade detection, but Gnasher is taken away by the short-sighted Mr and Mrs Butcher. 
12 Rubberbands and Paperclips 22 September 2009 12
Dennis tries to help Dad get a raise, but Dad ends up fired, so Dennis makes Scrimp's office seem incapable without Dad. 
13 Boot 23 September 2009 13
The police chief hires a super-efficient cop called Boot to replace Slipper, who tolerates no act of mischief. Teamed with Walter, Dennis tries to get Slipper back on the job. 
14 Breakout 24 September 2009 14
Dennis hatches a plan to bail Gnipper imprisoned in Beanotown dog pound, by impersonating a misbehaving dog. 
15 Eyes on the Prize 25 September 2009 15
Dad agrees to buy Dennis the best skateboard there is if he can win a prize at the upcoming school award ceremony. The only prize that Dennis can try to win is the best behaviour prize, so he does everything he can to win the contest. 
16 Dance of the Seven Pies 26 September 2009 16
After a bet from Walter on the Dance Contest, Dennis trains Pie Face to be a dancer. Meanwhile, Dennis' dad tries to cure Gnasher of his fleas. 
17 The Pond Monster 27 September 2009 17
In an attempt to reclaim the park, Dennis and friends try to scare everyone with a 'pond monster.' 
18 Dennis' Thank-You's 28 September 2009 18
Dennis tries to get a birthday present by saying thank you to his relatives. However, because of Dennis' lack of manners, they take his attempts in a negative way. 
19 Fish Tale 29 September 2009 19
Dennis and friends have a go at catching the Legendary Beanotown Pike, but when Walter hears about it, the game is on. 
20 Masters of the House 30 September 2009 20
Mum is going to the yoga school and leaves Dad in charge. During her absence, Dennis, Curly and Pie Face try to make a pie, with disastrous results to follow. 
21 Game On 1 October 2009 21
To get his friends back from Walter's group, Dennis challenges Walter to a video games battle. 
22 All-in Menacing 2 October 2009 22
After a wrestling accident, Gnasher swallows a canister of laughing gas at the vet's. Dennis, along with Gnasher hide in the conference centre, where dad gives a speech. However, the canister leaks, causing Gnasher to fart laughing gas and having everyone laughing. 
23 Attack of the Walterbot 3 October 2009 23
For a school project, Dennis and Walter both build robots. However, during an accident, both robots merge, causing Dennis and Walter to defend the school. 
24 Great Outdoors 4 October 2009 24
During a camping holiday, Dennis, Gnasher and Dad meet Terry Tuff and get challenged to a nature survivor's challenge, ending with a race to the summit of Mount Beano. 
25 No Pies for Pie Face 5 October 2009 25
Dennis and Co. have to control Pie Face's obsession with pies during the Pie Festival. Otherwise, they will be grounded. 
26 Dog Tired 6 October 2009 26
To win a football match against Dennis' team, Walter fattens Gnasher up and brings in top striker David Peckham. 
27 Dig This 1 February 2010 27
On a school trip, Dennis finds out that he is descentant to a warrior tribe. He also discovers that Montanna Smith (a famous Indiana Jones-esque explorer and one of Walter's personal heroes) is actually a thief who's trying to steal the treasure of Dennis' ancestor. 
28 The In Crowd 2 February 2010 28
Athena gets envious when seeing a pampered Abyssinian Tripe Hound in a magazine and when she hears that Dennis owns one (i.e. Gnasher), she wants him. However, being an owner to Gnasher isn't all cracked up to be! 
29 First Aid Dennis 3 February 2010 29
Dennis tries to get a first aid badge to get into a wrestling match. However, Walter's the judge and it's not going to be easy. 
30 Rock And A Hard Place 4 February 2010 30
Dennis is made to attend a Neighbourhood Watch meeting by his parents. This, however clashes with a jam session with Curly and Pie Face. 
31 Horsey Havoc 5 February 2010 31
Dennis breaks Bea's toy horse, so Dennis is searching for a new one to cheer her up. 
32 Grounded 6 February 2010 32
Dennis is grounded on the first day of the summer holidays, but Dennis doesn't manage to stomach it. Still the town isn't having him sneaking out of home. 
33 Double Act 7 February 2010 33
Gnasher and Gnipper enter a dog show, ignoring what Walter said about not having true talent. He wants Athena and Miss Mini Wuff to win, but Walter has just underestimated Gnasher's true capabilities. 
34 The Curse of Madam Gigi 8 February 2010 34
To have Dennis be nice to him, Walter disguises as fortune teller Madam Gigi to warn Dennis that if Walter gets hurt, he "will get his just dessert." 
35 Random Access Mayhem 9 February 2010 35
There's a new computer system which keeps data for the school which works using a memory stick. This gives Dennis a golden opportunity, but it makes Walter suspicious. 
36 Treehouse Treason 10 February 2010 36
Gran's hurt her foot after trying to build a pigsty for her pet pig, Harley. She makes Dennis deal with Harley and then starts living in Dennis' tree house and Dennis isn't happy about it! 
37 Menace and Co 11 February 2010 37
Walter applies for work experience at Scrimp Towers, where Dennis' dad works. Dennis tries to help dad with the work and save his job from Walter after an accident. 
38 No Place Like Home 12 February 2010 38
Dad gets promoted, which means his new job will involve his family moving to Drainotown, much to Dennis' disappointment, so he tries to change dad's mind and stay in Beanotown. 
39 Dennis Jumps the Line 13 February 2010 39
Dennis plays a prank on the citizens of Beanotown, causing them to evacuate, which causes trouble for Dennis later. 
40 Operation Windbreaker 14 February 2010 40
Dennis gets a new amplifier but doesn't have a chance to try it out because of Bea's demands and threats to let off a lethal fart if not done so he decides to hide the beans. However, Bea retaliates by stealing the volume knob off the amplifier. 
41 Menace on the Mend 15 February 2010 41
To avoid getting into trouble, Dennis acts ill, leading him into a boring night in the hospital. 
42 Athena's Party 16 February 2010 42
Dennis builds a BMX track near Athena's VIP party. However, Athena is standing for none of it. 
43 Tank you Very Much 17 February 2010 43
The Colonel has a brand new shiny tank called Monty. But when Dennis accidentally drives the tank into the park river, disaster strikes! 
44 Nanny State 18 February 2010 44
Dennis' parents hire Nanny Moonbeam, a hippy who has an unusual and peaceful way of curing Dennis' bad behaviour. However, it gets on his nerves and eventually drives his parents up the wall. 
45 Mother's Day 19 February 2010 45
Dennis tries to please Mum by behaving for the whole day. But this isn't easy for him. 
46 Run Rabbit Run 20 February 2010 46
Dennis and Gnasher are on a mission to find Walter's pet rabbit after Gnasher scares it away. 
47 Beanotown In Bloom 22 February 2010 47
The garden is accidentally wrecked when Dennis tries to give Gnasher a bath, so the gang have to fix the mess before Mum comes home. 
48 Fangs for the Memories 23 February 2010 48
After hearing reports about a bat creature in Beanotown, Dennis highly suspects that The Colonel is a vampire. 
49 Curly's Collection 24 February 2010 49
Curly doesn't attend band practice and Dennis finds out that this is because of a plan by Walter to sabotage the Dinmakers, involving a collectible series. 
50 Substitute Creecher 25 February 2010 50
An accident happens at school and Mrs Creecher says that she will tell Dennis' parents about it at the school parent's evening. Dennis, Curly and Pie Face set up a scheme to stop this from happening. 
51 Lost 26 February 2010 51
Dennis, his friends and Walter's friends get marooned on a desert island when Dennis attempts to escape a boring field trip. 
52 You're Joking 2 March 2010 52
Dennis makes a line of practical jokes for Mr. Scrimp, called 'The Menace Collection'. However, Dennis soon learns that it will put Mr. Har Har out of business. 

Season 2 (2013)Edit

The new series will incorporate Dennis' new designed parents from the weekly comic The Beano. CBBC Presenter, Chris Johnson will be taking on the voice role of Dennis the Menace. It was also noted that Dennis will appear more menacing than the previous series. Michael Stirling of DC Thomson had this say, "will be ABSOLUTELY more menacing…something which will become very clear to everyone when the series is officially publicised.". This series took a break between 10 August 2013 and 17 November 2013.

Ep# Title First aired Production Code
1 Dirty Deeds 8 July 2013
With the help of a suspicious deed and some underpants, Walter seizes Dennis' treehouse and claims it for his own. 
2 Last Day of Summer 9 July 2013
Dennis is consigned to a day of hard labour stacking logs as punishment for pranking the Colonel during the holidays. While Bea is trying out the last daycare on Mum's list. 
3 You and Whose Army 10 July 2013
The Colonel's greatest rival visits and transforms Dennis and his gang from organised chaos into organised military menaces. 
4 Menace's Seven 11 July 2013
Dennis assembles a team, including Walter, to break open a state-of-the-art security system for contraband confiscated in class. 
5 Dinmakers Go Ape 12 July 2013
Dennis and his friends enter a contest to get Gnasher a new drum set. The problem is that they don't have an adult in the band and ultimately get an ape to do the job. 
6 The Ultimate Prank 13 July 2013
Dennis spreads the word around Beanotown that he is planning the ultimate prank. Walter, Slipper and the Colonel devise a spy network to stop him. 
7 I'll Teach You 14 July 2013
After a pogo-stick incident in gym class, Mrs. Creecher has had enough and goes on vacation. Surely a result for Dennis and his trusty pals - substitute teachers are always a pushover but the principal has an trick up his sleeve. 
8 Hairy Plotter 15 July 2013
Dennis borrows his Dad's new hair restorer to use as ammo in his super soaker for a typical day of pranking at the Zoo and ends up turning the whole town into one big, bad hair day - including Dad! 
9 Bring The Din 16 July 2013
Dennis & the Dinmakers go on a whistle stop tour of Beanotown, with a special gig planned to rock The Annual Beanotown Jurassic Model Competition - and ruin it for Walter! 
10 The Exterminator 17 July 2013
Dennis hears a pest exterminator is inspecting the school and decides to have a little fun, menacing up a highly convincing Giant Ant costume for Gnasher - so convincing, in fact, that the exterminator shuts down the school for a whole day! 
11 The Gnashinator 18 July 2013
A shadowy government agency have managed to make a copy of Gnasher's legendary teeth in order to develop The Gnashinator - a top secret super weapon of epic proportions! 
12 Sick As A Parrot 19 July 2013
Dennis is left in charge of looking after the school's pet parrot, Polygon, for the weekend, which he promptly trains to menace Walter with water bombs. 
13 Dennis's School Dinners 26 July 2013
After a prank misfires and puts the school cook out of action, Dennis and co. go undercover to give the pupils a day of school dinners they will never forget. 
14 Escape From Detention 27 July 2013
Dennis and co race against time (and specially appointed playground patrol guards Walter and co) to escape detention, in order to witness the unveiling of Mayor Scrimp's proud new statue...which Dennis and Gnasher have made some "modifications" to. 
15 Come Menace With Me 28 July 2013
After one of Dennis's pranks lands Walter in detention, Walter's parents invite Dennis and his parents over for dinner to trick the menace into confessing. 
16 Leg Cuffed 29 July 2013
On Sports Day, Dennis is 'leg-cuffed' to Walter for the three legged race to keep him out of trouble. Angel Face gives them both a hard challenge when she 'loses' the key. Dennis and Walter must overcome their differences and work together to outsmart her...temporarily at least. 
17 Piranharama 30 July 2013
Dennis gets a pet pal for Gnasher to keep him company while he's at school: An Abyssinian Wire-Finned Piranha. However, they find out too late that they must never feed it pies. 
18 Way of the Tiger 31 July 2013
A tiger escapes from the Beanotown Zoo. Dennis sneaks out with a special tiger-catching contraption and heads off for an adventure. Meanwhile, Bea escapes to do some tiger hunting of her own and proves herself to be the wildest beast of them all. 
19 Stunt Gran 1 August 2013
A bet for Gran to do stunts is on, but Walter secretly sabotages the trick, causing Gran to hang up her menacing shoes. It's up to Dennis, Gnasher and Angel Face to expose the truth and get Gran back to her wily self and to put Walter back in his place. 
20 Just Desserts 2 August 2013
Cream Pie Day it compromised at Dennis' school. Dennis & Co. orchestrate an elaborate pie heist sabotaged by Angel Face, who secretly has her beady eyes on the pies for herself. However it might be worth a stint in for Dennis and his friends. 
21 Couldn't Catch a Cold 5 August 2013
An outbreak of the super infectious Beanotown Cold, leaves Dennis the only student at school which turns into a nightmare for him. Dennis is run ragged and decides he needs a day off - if only he could find a way to catch the cold too. 
22 No Match for Dennis 6 August 2013
Walter challenges Dennis to beat him in a football game with proper rules, but Walter secretly breaks his own rules, enticing Gnasher to puncture all the footballs. Dennis retaliates with his own methods outside the rule book with typically hilarious and victorious results. 
23 The Greatest Dog in the World 7 August 2013
Gnasher has a crisis of confidence when dog astronaut Kutta, 'the world's greatest dog', comes to town. Dennis & co. resolve to get the old Gnasher back by staging a vital mission. Gnasher finds his mojo when he saves Beanotown for real. 
24 Car Wash Caper 8 August 2013
Needing money to pay a damage debt, the Menaces reason that the best way to raise funds is to do a car wash, which is harder than it seems - but where there's a Menace, there's always a way. 
25 Sausage Suspect 9 August 2013
Dennis has promised Sgt. Slipper that Gnasher won't eat "The World's Largest Sausage" or it's the kennels for good. Gnasher is immediately banged up after a bite is made in the sausage. Dennis goes into Detective Mode to find out who framed his faithful friend. 
26 Special Delivery 18 November 2013
27 Photo Finish 19 November 2013
Dennis must stay clean for the school photos otherwise he will be grounded for a month but along the way to school disastrous consequences take place. 
28 The Way the Cookie Crumbles 20 November 2013
When Dennis finds out that the school will have a cookie sale he isn't bothered , but when it's found out that the person with the most boxes of cookie sold will get a prize Dennis, Curly, Pie Face and Angel face must make sure that they get the prize and Walter doesn't. 
29 Menace Camp 21 November 2013
Dennis and his family dodge a nightmare 'holiday' at militant Auntie Pru's and set off for Camp Sunshine for a week of family fun... only to find Walter and his uncle in charge! Even bigger nightmare! Dennis has to find a way to inject some fun back into the holiday for everyone without getting thrown out in the process - and a treasure hunt looks like just the golden menacing opportunity he's been after. 
30 Sw...itched 22 November 2013
After a typically traumatic bath time, Dad decides to take a leaf out of Walter's book and lures Gnasher into Claudius the Cat's luxury pampering tub. But, horror of horrors, sharing the bath has a strange effect on the two pets, as they seem to switch personalities...what's going on? More importantly, how do Dennis and Walter get their furry friends back to their usual scruffy and sleek selves? 
31 Constable Menace 25 November 2013
The school Is having take a kid to work day and Dennis is working with servant Slipper, but when All the gnomes in beanotown go missing Dennis's crew go into detective mode. 
32 The Book of the Menace 26 November 2013
In a Junk sale Gran accidentally packs the book of the menace and when Walter buys it, the crew must stop Walter from knowing every trick in the book. 
33 I Fought the Lawn 27 November 2013
When Dennis learns that the comic convention is coming to beanotown and that if he doesn't grow his cress he'll get Saturday detention. Instead he does Venus-cress seeds he gets away with it. But when he learns he has to tidy the lawn, things aren't looking good. But pie face goes and gets some goats from The goat convention everything is fine. 
34 Menace Swap 28 November 2013
When Dennis and walter aren't getting along at all Mr. De Testa swaps their families for a day. 
35 Pie Protectors 29 November 2013
When a new pie shop owner challenges Pie face's dad to pie contest and the loser has to close their pie shop, Dennis and Curly help Pie face and Pie face's dad. 
36 Curse of the Menace 2 December 2013
37 The Omega Menace 3 December 2013
38 The Daily Menace 4 December 2013
39 Bone Free Zone 5 December 2013
40 Bona Fide Genius 6 December 2013
41 The Mayor Affair 9 December 2013
42 The Show Mustn't Go On 10 December 2013
43 The Walter Slide 11 December 2013
44 Prom Mean 12 December 2013
45 Beanotown 5000 13 December 2013
46 Doggy Daycare 16 December 2013
47 Pranks for the Memories 17 December 2013
48 Itchin' for Gnasher 18 December 2013
49 Triathlon Trouble 19 December 2013
A disastrous P.E. lesson ends with Mr. De Testa trying to teach the culprits a lesson in teamwork - Dennis, Walter and Angel Face are now forced together to face rival school Greytown Prep in the annual Triathlon Competition. The team are fighting right from the start, but after a run in with the opposition during a training session, they decide to put their differences aside and unite for the win. 
50 Perfect Prefect 20 December 2013
Whilst studying the school rule book in order to break them more effectively, Dennis discovers that the class prefect is allowed to bring a pet to school. There's only one problem: he can't abide by the rules long enough to be elected, so the menaces bend the rules instead and rustle up another candidate - Paul the Potato, naturally! Will they beat rival candidate Walter so that Pie-Face and Dennis can both bring their pals to the playground? Time for the menaces to get their election game faces on. 

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