Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 6A
Man with the Monkey Hands
The Color of Monkey
Whistlepig Wednesday
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2008/11/28

Man with the Monkey Hands is the first half-episode of the fifty-sixth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat meet that self-proclaimed "genius" Professor Wiseman outside of the Museum of Science, where Professor Wiseman demonstrates her latest invention, the Wiseman Dexacta, which resembles a tin mailbox on a stick with a lever, to dig soil and to measures how much soil is removed from the ground, an activity perfect for archaeological excavation.

And now, the Science Board asks for a demonstration of the Wiseman Dexacta, but Professor Wiseman must now fly to Turkey, and so she asks the Man with the Yellow Hat to provide the demonstration program for her, but after she leaves, Curious George discovers a patch of poison ivy, causing the Man with the Yellow Hat to caution him. "Don't touch the stuff with three leaves. It's poison Ivy. Leaves of three, leave it be."

Well, Curious George reaches for the Wiseman Dexacta to watch it to work in action, but when Curious George holds the Dexacta, he accidentally trips the Man with the Yellow Hat, who loses his balance, and lands into the bed of poison ivy, leading Doctor Baker to determine that the Man with the Yellow Hat experiences a severe allergic reaction, and to bandage his hands, to keep on for three weeks, while saying, "Leaves of three, leave it be."

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat soon discovers additional problems rising from his bandaged hands. He needs help retrieving keys from his pocket, undressing from his coat and Yellow Hat, turning the television remote dial, their smoke colored Persian cat screeching on TV,  typing on the computer keyboard, brushing teeth, and fixing the salad, so Curious George tries to figure out ways which the Man with the Yellow Hat could do things for himself and tapes a long wooden spoon to one hand and a long wooden fork to the other.

But the Man with the Yellow Hat still cannot type Professor Wiseman's report, with copy turning out such as "Burl Ferpin McGetty," and so Curious George tapes pens onto the wooden spoon and fork, which are taped onto the bandages of the hands of the Man with the Yellow Hat, who must now slide his feet into scuba fins instead of boots (even though in alternate scenes he does wear boots, thus creating a Goof), and must inhale suction through a straw to turn book pages.

So, when Dr. Hasslein and his scientific research team of self-proclaimed "geniuses" try to set up their video conference with the Man with the Yellow Hat, to decide upon approving the Wiseman Dexacta, why do you think that the geniuses would call Curious George's hands hairy, when in fact, they're his arms, and what do you suppose that the three research scientists on the Science Board will decide when they see the product promoted by "The Man with the Monkey Hands?"



For the episode transcript, see Man with the Monkey Hands Transcript.

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