• Minnie: Dad! Wake up! It's eleven o'clock!
  • George: (yawns) I feel like anything else, Minnie!
  • Minnie: Come on! (She and her dad went down the stairs)
  • George: Minnie! What was that?
  • Minnie: Just sit there and you'll be fine! I'll have to call Mrs. Blumberg and Mrs. Thompson! I'll be right back!
  • George: (snores)
  • (phone rings)
  • Minnie: Hi, Mrs. Blumberg!
  • Mrs. Blumberg: Hello, Minnie!
  • Minnie: Hi there, Mrs. Thompson!
  • Mrs. Thompson: Hiya, Minnie!
  • Minnie: Can I check on my aunties Gertrude and Fanny?
  • Mrs. Blumberg: Oh that'll be nice!
  • Mrs. Thompson: See you then!
  • Minnie: Okay, bye!
  • (doorbell rings)
  • Minnie: (gasps, opens the door) Hi, Aunty Fanny and Gertrude!
  • Both: Hi, Minnie!
  • Minnie: Come in!
  • Aunty Fanny: Well, that's why I have to do!
  • Minnie: Like what?
  • Aunty Gertrude: Of course, that explains it!
  • (Minnie gasps)
  • (Parky whistles)
  • George: Parky!
  • Parky: Hey, George! Check this out!
  • George: A package? For me? Why thank you! I'll must be in pleasure! Good luck! (Parky zooms by)
  • Minnie: George, open it!
  • George: (opens the package) Wow! It must be a picture of me!
  • Minnie: Cool!
  • George: Yeah! That's nice! (sighs)

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