• Minnie: It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the apples are red! (jumps through the air) The problem is how to get them. Hmmm. (carries a ladder, cause her dad grabs it and she falls down)
  • George: Now, don't you dare to get any of my apples. But I'll be kind and let you take any of them for. (Minnie slides down as he walks)
  • Minnie: Maybe I can help them to fall! (zooms past, stomps her feet and the apples shake from the tree, sighs)
  • George: (off-screen) Well, that didn't work. Try again.
  • Minnie: If I bump the tree, accidentally of course. (zooms past, bumps on the tree, rides on her bike and it bumps on the tree now she has dizzy birds, zooms on the skateboard and it slides on the tree and lands on the bush and it shakes) (pops out the bush with a nest that has three eggs on her hat) (bounces the ball) Maybe I'll just play my ball on the tree! (ball jumps up to the tree) It's on the tree, (ball bonks on her dad's head) and hit it. Dad!
  • George: Minnie! Leave those apples alone! (apples fall onto Minnie)
  • Minnie: Now that's what I called a wind fall. (giggles, eats an apple)

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