Minnie the Minx - Minnie Clones is the 6th episode in Season 2 the air date is on December 16th

Plot Edit

Minnie meets the Massive Minnie Minxes as they want to be like her, she gave the balloon to Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth, she will get him down to the duck pond there.

Dennis holds the can of tomato sauce on his dad's hat, he's been minxed. Sally ties the two men's coats, they've been minxed. Plug has a roller skate while Sgt. Slipper walks by, he's been minxed. Sgt. Slipper tells Sard there is emergency the bit that he breaks for minxing it in town.

Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth, Sgt. Slipper, Sard, Meebo and Zuky run by to catch Minnie, while George arrives reading the newspaper as he catches her. The Massive Minnie Minxes return as the Bash Street Kids.


  • Minnie the Minx
  • George
  • Two boys
  • Danny, Conrad, Fatty, Plug, Erbert, Smiffy, Ken Bahn, Sally, Wilfred, Sidney, Toots, Spotty and Dennis the Menace (Massive Minnie Minxes)
  • Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth
  • Dennis' Dad
  • Two Men
  • Sgt. Slipper
  • Sard
  • Meebo and Zuky