• Minnie: (whistles) It's a nice day, so I'm off for a walk! (whistles)
  • Boys: Look out! Here comes the Minx! (Minnie walks past so they see her in the trash cans) Phew! She's fast!
  • Minnie: (walks past) What's that noise? (The Bash Street Kids except Minnie who played the Massive Minnie Minxes) It's the Massive Minnie Minxes! That's what!
  • Danny: We're your fans, Minnie! We think you're the greatest and we want to be like you!
  • Minnie: I'm honored! Now, let me show you how to minx. (holds her balloon)
  • Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth: I'll take that!
  • Minnie: Here! Have it! (She gives Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth the balloon) (chuckles) It's full of my deal. I know these mining boots will come in handy someday.
  • Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth: Help! Mumsie! (cries)
  • Minnie: Don't worry! I'll get you down! (she uses the cactus and string) I shot the cactus in the air! (shoots the cactus in the air and it flies in the air) Hey, don't you want? (the cactus pops the balloon) Get to that duck pond (Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth falls into the duck pond) there! (giggles) Now it's your turn, fans! Get out there and get minxing! (shines her teeth)
  • (Dennis holds the can of tomato sauce on his dad's hat)
  • Dennis' Dad: (holds his hat with tomato sauce) I've been minxed! (the bush zooms past)
  • (Sally ties the two men's coats so she zooms past)
  • Both: We've been minxed!
  • (Plug uses a roller skate, he looks then he saw Sgt. Slipper so he puts it on the floor)
  • Sgt. Slipper: I've been minxed! (smashes on the lamp post so he has dizzy birds) Sard! Sard! This is emergency the bit that I break for minxing it in town!
  • Sard: Should we?
  • Sgt. Slipper: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here!
  • Policemen: There, there, there, there, there, there!
  • Sard: I think I need to talk to Minnie!
  • Minnie: (whistles) Look! Not bad! I'm off!
  • Humphrey Grumpy Trousers the Fourth: There she is! Get her! (He, Sard, Sgt. Slipper, Meebo and Zuky zoom by)
  • Minnie: Come catch me! Come catch me!
  • Sard: Just you wait! (George arrives reading the newspaper) Calm down, you little breaker!
  • George: Oh, dear. Minnie's causing trouble again!
  • Minnie: Oh, no! It's dad!
  • George: I'll deal with her! (makes a paper airplane then it shines so he throws it onto Minnie)
  • Minnie: Ow! (lands on her dad's arms)
  • Erbert: Did you see that?
  • Wilfred: Very impressive!
  • Conrad: What a man!
  • (George walks so he holds Minnie)
  • Minnie: Oh, no.
  • Erbert: Forget Minnie! (He, Spotty, Ken Bahn, Dennis, Toots, Sidney, Smiffy, Conrad, Fatty, Plug, Danny, Wilfred and Sally return as themselves)
  • Toots: Dad's our new hero!
  • George: I'm the greatest!

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