Minnie the Minx in It's a Dad's Life is the 1st episode in Season 2

Plot Edit

When George's Boss leaves, George will go to his house with an umbrella when it rains while Minnie tells him to get the seed trap. Minnie uses the stroller while George can be a baby, so Minnie cuts his pant legs but also five years old for school. Minnie thought it makes her into doing her homework.

George become a clown to enjoy the circus, he became the king of Beanotown just like Mrs. Kwan, the Delightful Children from Down the Lane's babysitter. Suddenly, the plumber tells him to crumple at his freak, but when Sir arrives that George was calling out the guard. George will be the king and Sir will be Cinderella.

George's boss returns that Minnie tells him that her dad is being loved, doomed and hard. Minnie and her dad were on a roller coaster while she gives him free tickets for that ride.


  • Minnie the Minx
  • George (The King)
  • George's Boss
  • The Plumber
  • Sir (Cinderella)

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