Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 9A
Monkey Stagehand
Bag Monkey
The Magic Garden
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2007/11/20

Monkey Stagehand is the first half-episode of the thirty-ninth episode of Curious George.


In the County, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat hike. While Curious George stays on the look-out for interesting things, sometimes the Man with the Yellow Hat sees them first, such as frogs in the pond before Town Hall, from whence Mr. Quint emerges to hear the Man with the Yellow Hat's practicing frog calls for Curious George, and so Mr. Quint puts the reluctant Man with the Yellow Hat into Town Hall Talent Show for frog-calling.

Well, Backstage at Town Hall Auditorium, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy explains to Curious George that he's working the stage crew and recruits Curious George, to show him the ropes on how to raise the curtain, and to activate trap doors and the confetti machine. Bill then explains which ropes match which props and curtain, and which levers activate which wires, which activate which trap doors, so it's very important for Curious George not to miss Bill's cues on show night.

Then, Bill teaches Curious George the ropes and levers during rehearsals, which include a Tap Dancer, Mr. Renkins with Oscar the white Pig and the Watch Pigs, a Jar Ringer, Mrs. Renkins with Leslie the Cow, and the Last Act, featuring the very nervous Man with the Yellow Hat's frog-calling.

And then, that evening, at the Country house, while Curious George practices with ropes, the Man with the Yellow Hat practices frog-calling, so what could possibly go wrong on Opening Night, when neither Curious George nor Bill misses a single cue for the confetti, curtain, trap door, flat and curtain?

Now, "What could possibly go wrong?" you ask. Well, Curious George and Bill manage to lift all of the right ropes and levers, while the Tap Dancer, Mr. Renkins with Oscar the white Pig and the Watch Pigs, and the Jar Ringer perform. But when Mrs. Renkins sings her cow song to Leslie the Cow, Bill notices that a glass jar remains on stage and tries to remove it, telling Curious George to pull 3-C no, 1-C!

But Bill reaches across trap door 3-C when he tells Curious George to lift its lever, which opens the trap door and lands Bill into the basement with skunks, while a skunk from the basement crawls onto the stage!

So, how could Curious George save the show, which must go on for the very cautious Man with the Yellow Hat and the equally-cautious Mr. Quint when Bill is trapped downstairs in the basement with skunks, and another skunk has crawled onto the stage before the Last Act with the Man with the Yellow Hat's frog-calling before a "Monkey Stagehand?"



  • The skunk fell through trapdoor C1. The skunk landed on Bill. Bill was under trapdoor C3.
  • The hay prop from Mrs. Renkins fell through trapdoor B2. While the hay prop is dropping under the stage B2 is shown to be before the scenery. The rest of the episode shows it under the scenery.
  • The "flasks" at the episodes beginning show in this order: 2.tree 3.barn 4.haypiles. When Georges pulls rope 4 at the beginning the barn comes down instead of the haypiles.


For the episode transcript, see Monkey Stagehand Transcript.

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