Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 2A
Monkey Underground
Cat Mother
Written by Lazar Saric
Air date 2007/09/04

Monkey Underground is the first half-episode of the thirty-second episode of Curious George.


In the Country, when Mr. and Mrs. Renkins offer Curious George a sample of their delicious grape harvest, Curious George trips into a gopher hole (bringing us to a Goof, as grapes are shown growing on small plants, instead of on vines). Anyhow, Mr. Renkins explains how underground tunnels are created by gophers' getting his greatest grapes, while Mrs. Renkins comments that those great gophers got his goat.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Renkins hire the very irritating Mr. Calhoun the Gopher Getter, which alerts Curious George to warn the Three Gophers to tunnel into his yard across the fence for safety.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat shows Curious George the size of his giant fresh squash, which he wishes were yellow, but Curious George is more interested in burrowing underground by shovel, to rescue the Three Gophers.

Then, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy arrives to explain how a compass works, to tell which direction you want to go, so Curious George borrows Bill's compass, and Bill borrows Curious George's dirt because Ma Bunny has dug holes all over Bill's yard, and now Bill must fill them.

And then, Curious George asks to borrow Ma Rabbit to burrow underground, while Mr. Calhoun the Gopher Getter's gopher trap traps the gopher catcher himself, while Bill continues to borrow Curious George's dirt from the tunnel which Curious George and Ma Rabbit burrow.

But Mr. Calhoun the Gopher Getter plows with a crane to try to capture the Three Gophers, making a mess of the Renkins' grape patch, while Curious George and Ma Rabbit finish their connecting tunnel to warn the Three Gophers.

So, as Mr. Calhoun the Gopher Getter makes a mess of the Renkins' grape patch, he captures Curious George into the trap! But will Mr. and Mrs. Renkins, the Man with the Yellow Hat, Bill, Ma Rabbit and the Three Gophers be able to save the day as Curious George is trapped inside Mr. Calhoun the Gopher Getter's grape patch gopher trap as a "Monkey Underground?"



For the episode transcript, see Monkey Underground Transcript.

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