Mr. School Inspector is an evil pupil in Bash Street School who works with the villains, Slasher BrownClint Katzenberger, Vilhemina Slop Bucket and Reg Trademark.

He was original as a child in The Beano in Issue 604 who pretended to be James Bond and currently serves as Minnie the Minx's arch-enemy.

He was an adult as an inspector in The Beano who first appeared in Bash Street Kids in The New School and shuts down Bash Street School and sends the Bash Street Kids to Bash Street Academy but turns against Plug, after his plastic surgery fails. After the academy blows up, he loses his job and is forced to beg on the street. He's bald and very old.

Appearance Edit

He has a black hat, a black mustache, a black coat, a white shirt, a red tie, blue trousers and brown shoes.