Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 21B
Muddy Monkey
Surprise Quints
Curious George Takes a Vacation
Written by Lazar Saric
Air date 2007/01/15

Muddy Monkey is the second half-episode of the twenty-first episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George bathes with the two things which could make him get into the tub: bubbles and Springy the bubble-making toy frog, while the Man with the Yellow Hat discovers Curious George's toy propeller boat in the freezer, after losing it.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George to the Park, along with Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel, where they load mud into the back of Curious George's toy truck and play with Springy the bubble-making frog, whom Curious George forgets to retrieve from the puddle, upon exiting the Park.

Now, when they return to the apartment for lunch, the Man with the Yellow Hat asks the muddy Curious George to take a bath, but Curious George cannot locate Springy the bubble-making frog and gets mud all over the Man with the Yellow Hat and the entire apartment, looking for Springy the bubble-making frog, without admitting that he has lost another toy.

So, outdoors at curbside, the Man with the Yellow Hat washes his automobile, while Curious George washes his truck, rinsing the mud from his left side in the process, when Professor Wiseman approaches, commenting that Curious George's right side is clean, when actually it's his left. But the Man with the Yellow Hat calls Professor Wiseman a genius anyway, and she agrees to the compliment, after she tells Curious George that he's all grown up now for his childhood bubble baths.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat prepares Curious George for a shower, but that doesn't work because the Man with the Yellow Hat and everything else gets wet from the shower spray except for Curious George.

But when they return outdoors, Betsy and Steve make bubbles with a fan to attract customers for their dog-washing activity, and Curious George relishes the notion that Springy the bubble-making toy frog has returned to create the bubbles, but this isn't the case, and so Curious George assists Betsy and Steve in making bubbles with various tools.

So, will Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel save the day and rescue Springy the bubble-making frog, to remedy the situation at hand for a very "Muddy Monkey?"



For the episode transcript, see Muddy Monkey Transcript.

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