Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 4A
Mulch Ado About Nothing
Curious George-asaurus
What Goes Up
Written by Sandra Willard
Air date 2008/09/04

Mulch Ado About Nothing is the first half-episode of the fifty-fourth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George arrives with the Man with the Yellow Hat, to find Bill the Country Neighbor Boy's planting flowers, and using compost, so Bill explains that the Renkins created the compost as food for plants because plants get hungry, too.

Now, Curious George looks to his own flowers, to discover that they have wilted and must be starving, so he clears the refrigerator of leftovers to mix into the soil to create compost of his very own.

But two raccoons dig up Curious George's compost pile overnight, and the next morning, the rancid compost pile reeks, so the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George to Renkins' Farm, for Mr. and Mrs. Renkins to explain the proper method for creating compost from certain leftover foods. Mr. Renkins then instructs Curious George to stir the compost pile, while Mrs. Renkins instructs him how to apply compost to the garden....

Back into the City, Curious George carries his remaining compost, and there he applies it to houseplants in the apartment, until he runs dry, and so Curious George grabs the Man with the Yellow Hat's salad when he is interrupted from dinner, to return to find Curious Georges's washing the dishes even though the Man with the Yellow Hat wasn't able to finish his salad.

Well, Curious George then retrieves dirt from the Park and carries it through the lobby to add to the salad, while Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund watches him cautiously because Curious George often messes up Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund's lobby.

And Curious George decides to make enough fertilizer to serve houseplants throughout the entire building by making a large batch of compost, so Hundley investigates the dirt and debris which Curious George lugs into the building, while the Man with the Yellow Hat investigates the curious aromas surrounding the apartment.

So, the Man with the Yellow Hat then invites Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund to help him to investigate the source of the troubling odors, while Mr. Zoobel the Upstairs Neighbor asks Curious George for compost to help his tropical plants, and the Downstairs Neighbor asks Curious George to help her to fertilize her tea plants. What will Curious George do next, as the Man with the Yellow Hat and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund may consider his activities "Mulch Ado About Nothing?"



For the episode transcript, see Mulch Ado About Nothing Transcript.

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