Curious George (TV series)
Season 4, Episode 3A
Night of the Weiner Dog
George Cleans Up
Animal Trackers
Written by Michael Maurer
Air date 2009/09/10

Night of the Weiner Dog is the first half-episode of the sixty-third episode of Curious George.


In the City, the Doorman must go away overnight, and so, for the very first time during their three years, seven months and fifteen days together, The Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund must find themselves separated, but Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat invite Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund to stay overnight at their apartment, in Curious George's room, and so the Doorman wheels in Hundley's trunk, complete with toys and pet food.

Now, Curious George shows Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund to his room, opens his trunk, tosses Hundley's toys about, and, in the process, trips the Man with the Yellow Hat, who carries a laundry basket, but who tells Curious George that he's impressed that Hundley returns his toys unto their proper place, unlike a certain monkey whom he knows.

Well, it's time to feed Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, so Curious George measures the recipe of dry dog food with the exact amount of water, while Hundley exhibits proper manners, by wearing his bib, and taking his time to chew every bite.

Then, next on their activity list comes television watching, but Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund attempts to move furniture, to tidy the room, so Curious George tries to figure the meaning of this, while the Man with the Yellow Hat continues to carry laundry to wash, but Curious George and Hundley debate upon whether to watch a monster show or a poodle program.

And then, Curious George trips the Man with the Yellow Hat with Hundley's toys, upon his return with clean laundry, so the Man with the Yellow Hat announces that it's time for bed, but when the Man with the Yellow Hat closes the balcony door, Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund realizes that Squeaky Mouse is still out upon the outdoor balcony, yet when Curious George tries to retrieve it, he knocks it off the ledge and must scale the building to retrieve Squeaky Mouse.

But will Hundley have his safety toy to share his cozy little mattress? If so, what do you think might happen if Curious George needs Squeaky Mouse more so than Hundley?

So, when the Doorman returns the next morning, how will Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat reflect upon the "Night of the Weiner Dog!?"



For the episode transcript, see Night of the Weiner Dog Transcript.

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