Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 19B
Old McGeorgie Had a Farm
Curious George, Sea Monkey
Curious George Beats the Band
Written by Michael Maurer
Air date 2008/04/21

Old McGeorgie Had a Farm is the second half-episode of the fourty-ninth episode of Curious George.


Also in the Country, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit Renkins' Farm, where Curious George plays with Mike the Pig, to feed him berries, and to teach him to shake.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Renkins arrive to announce that Oscar the White Pig has placed as a finalist in the state fair, and they must take him there. But someone is needed to feed the pigs, to tend to the chicken eggs and to milk the cows, so Curious George volunteers to mind the farm.

Well, Mr. Renkins teaches Curious George how to milk Leslie the Cow into a gallon pail; Mrs. Renkins shows Curious George how to fill four quart milk bottles from the gallon; Mrs. Renkins then shows Curious George how to mind the hens and chicks; Mr. Renkins tells Curious George how to place a dozen of eggs into a carton.

Then, back at the Country residence, the Man with the Yellow Hat sets his alarm for 5:00 AM, but Curious George awakens at 4:45 AM to deactivate The Man with the Yellow Hat's alarm clock, to sneak en route to Renkins' Farm, when Curious George meets Jumpy Squirrel, who tags along to assist him with the chores.

But then, Curious George quickly forgets where to set the milk pail, causing the cows to attack, and the buckets to fly onto the chicken coop, causing the hens and chicks to awaken and a chick to land upon the hay tractor, causing Curious George to activate the tractor, which carries him back into the barn, to arouse the cattle once again, and to plow into a fence, causing Mike the Pig to flee, to awaken the Man with the Yellow Hat inside his bedroom at 6:30 AM, after his alarm has been deactivated!

And now, the Man with the Yellow Hat must rescue Curious George, and to assess plenty of damages which Curious George has created at Renkins' Farm, while Jumpy Squirrel nervously hides inside the chicken coop.

So, will the Man with the Yellow Hat be able to help Curious George to correct his many mistakes before the Renkins return with Oscar the White Pig, while Mike the Pig perches upon the roof of the Country residence, once "Old McGeorgie Had a Farm?"



For the episode transcript, see Old McGeorgie Had a Farm Transcript.

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