Pie-Face in 2009
Full Name Kevin
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 10

Pie-Face in series 2 of the older series (1998)

Kevin, nicknamed Pie-Face, is one of Dennis the Menace's best friends (along with Curly), and is so called because of his obsession with pies. His favourite pies include meat pies, fish pies, cream pies and so on.

He was changed radically for the new series; he now wears a short-sleeved T-shirt and is voiced by a woman (Morwenna Banks as of series 2 and Ian James Corlett in the US).

He is the owner of Paul the Potato.

Appearance Edit

He has a bald head, a green jumper, orange trousers and blue trainers.

In 2009, he wore a green t-shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and brown trainers.

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