Full Name Percival Proudfoot Plugsley
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair None
Age 10
Job Student
Relatives Plug's dad

Plug's mum

First appearance Issue 608 (13 March 1954)
Last appearance Ongoing

Percival Proudfoot Plugsley or Plug is a lankish, gangling and ugly character in The Bash Street Kids and the first student of the seven pupils in Bash Street School's Class IA, whose trademark is his horrifying face, which consists of a large overbite, two buck teeth and wide nose. Despite his ugliness he claims himself to be the exact opposite. He is most commonly reconised by his buck teeth and backwards yellow cap.

Singled Out revealed his full name.

Appearance Edit

Plug wears a red sweatshirt, black shorts, black-and-white socks and grey trainers.

Facts Edit

He was given his own strip in the beano, and even went as far as having his own comic, in which he was the cover star.(It later merged with the beezer)

Apparently, he has won every Beanotown Face Pulling contest even though we doesn't even sign up.