Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 9B
Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight
Fun-Ball Tally
Shipwrecked With Hundley
Written by Bruce Akiyama
Air date 2009/02/17

Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight is the second half-episode of the fifty-ninth episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, Curious George and Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel play ball in Endless Park, but it's too windy to play ball, so Curious George flies a kit, but it rains, so he returns to his apartment to dress in his rain gear to splash in puddles, but it's sunny and dry now, and the Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund just wonder what sort of mess Curious George may make this time.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat sketches on the balcony, while Curious George dresses for any type of weather, but slips in a puddle in the lobby, as the Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund look on, before the Doorman says that he heard that some animals can predict the weather, so Curious George sets out to attempt to forecast the weather the way which some of those other smart animals do.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat paints "Red Sky at Night, a Sailor's Delight," so Curious George decides to draw pictures of all the weather he sees with the sunsets and a cricket. And the next morning, he draws clouds which fill the sky and again sees the cricket to draw, but the cricket chirps less than yesterday because it's cooler, but Curious George cannot yet figure the reason.

But the next day, the clouds look very different because they're much whiter than yesterday, so when the Man with the Yellot Hat invites Curious George to Endless Park to picnic, Curious George, instead, predicts rain, so they stay on the balcony, but it doesn't rain, but there are clouds, and it should have been raining, according to Curious George, but these are white clouds, not dark, so now Curious George seems very puzzled.

Then, the next morning, clouds are again white, so Curious George can have a picnic in the park, but it's windy and overcast and begins to rain all over again. So, back inside the lobby, Curious George shows Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund his soggy picnic foods, as the rains dry out. But when Curious George visits Rescue Squad 86, he observes a flag outside, which shows which way the wind blows, and items upon a nearby clothesline, which show the same thing.

Now, Curious George goes onto the roof to show Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon which way the wind blow, by tacking a sock of the Man with the Yellow Hat onto a poll and, once again, notices that the cricket's chirping has increased.

Well, the next day, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George to Einstein Weather Station, to observe Doctor Alvin Einstein and his Associate's showing them elaborate satellite weather equipment, which accurately forecasts the weather, or at least until the satellite becomes lost, but the team needs to know how today's weather would behave became Mister Mayor will stop by to check the forecast so that he could play golf.

So, who knows enough about weather forecasting to alert Mister Mayor of golfing conditions now that the satellite is missing? Do you think that Curious George has learned enough from his drawings of cloud and wind studies and cricket observation to provide enough information so that Mister Mayor would invite Doctor Alvin Einstein and Associate, and the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George to an afternoon of golfing after "Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight?"



For the episode transcript, see Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight Transcript.

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