Robbie Rebel is a character in the Beano who is a menace like Dennis and he hates being told what to do.

He is based off Robbie Williams who was popular at the time of his debut.

He loves Kylie Geriwall.


Robbie's dad (Dad)

Robbie's mum (Mum)

Defido (dog)

Comparisons between Robbie and DennisEdit

  • Both characters enjoy being naughty
  • Both have a pet dog, Defido and Gnasher respectively.
  • Both have black hair.

Contrasts between Robbie and DennisEdit

  • Robbie is a much more modern version of Dennis.
  • While Dennis wears a red and black striped jumper, Robbie wears a T-shirt varying in design.
  • Dennis wears shorts and Robbie wears jeans.

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