Roger the Dodger
Roger the Dodger
Roger relaxing on his bed.
Full Name Roger Dawson
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 10
Relatives Roger's dad (dad)
Roger's mum (mum)
First appearance Issue #559 (4th April 1953)
Last appearance Ongoing

Roger the Dodger, real name Roger Dawson[1], is a fictional character featured regularly in the UK comic The Beano. His strip consists solely of Roger's basic remit to avoid doing chores or homework which usually involves his concocting complex of and ultimately disastrous plans, the undoing of which results him in being punished (usually by his long-suffering father). To perform these tasks he enlists the help of his many 'dodge books'.

Characteristics Edit

Roger is a crafty-looking ten-year-old boy who sports a red-and-black chequered sweatshirt with a white shirt collar poking out. He is usually also attired in a white tie, however, Barrie Appleby dropped this around 2005. Upon his debut, Roger sported the usual school boy shorts, however he began wearing trousers in the 1970s.

Roger, unlike most Beano characters, does not go out of his way to cause chaos and mayhem. Instead, he chooses to watch from the sidelines, dodging responsibilities and punishments.

Appearance Edit

He has black hair, and wears a red and black chequered sweatshirt, white shirt, black trousers, white socks, and red and white trainers.

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