Rusced Ovening
Season 3, Episode 14
Rusced Ovening
Cappotto's Branger Time
The Backyard Farm
Written by Lucy Marvagas
Air date Jun 3, 2017
Directed by CappottoXD123

Ellie Servin

Rusced Ovening is the 14th Episode for the Season 3 of Cappotto's World.

Plot Edit

Sunshine wants a boyfriend but the door opens and arrives David!

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts where Sunshine and Sprime are going to the school, Sunshine tells to Sprime to get ready have a boyfriend, after telling up, arrives at school and sitting on the desk, (Editing Later)

Trivia Edit

  • This is David's first appearance of this episode
  • This is the third time where Cappotto is absent in this episode, The first was in "Not Be Good" and the second was in "Sunshine Upsetling".

Errors Edit

  • When Sunshine was shoving her glitter, her eyelashes are missing.