Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 7B
Special Delivery Monkey
Color Me Monkey
Free Hundley
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2007/10/10

Special Delivery Monkey is the second half-episode of the thirty-seventh episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, at Pisghetti's Restaurant, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat play a "Wild Goose Chase" board game, counting squares to advance their players upon the rolls of dice. The Man with the Yellow Hat teaches Curious George one lesson in the process: when advancing your player, "you don't count the square upon which you start."

Now, when Netti Pisghetti approaches Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to inform them that Chef Pisghetti has gone to launch a new business venture with important clients, regarding his new Primo Pisghetti Pie, she mentions that Chef Pisghetti has forgotten to take his Primo Pisghetti Pie, and now Netti needs help to look after Pisghetti's Restaurant, in order to deliver Chef Pisghetti's Primo Pisghetti Pie to his meeting across the City.

Well, Curious George volunteers to deliver Chef Pisghetti's Primo Pisghetti Pie so that Netti Pisghetti need not close Pisghetti's Restaurant, and so an appreciative Netti Pisghetti hands Curious George directions to the auditorium at which Chef Pisghetti addresses prospective clients...that is, if Curious George is able to get passed Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's Cat....

Then, when Betsy runs past, trying to control Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel along the sidewalk outside, Curious George nearly drops Primo Pisghetti Pie, so he must treat it very carefully because someone else nearly sits upon the pie box upon a bench. Plus, a taxicab splashes mud, and Curious George must protect the Pie plus a mother and baby upon a bench, and then there's all of that traffic regarding the bus.

And then, Curious George carefully carries Primo Pisghetti Pie onto the bus, to ride for three stops, before exiting before a triple mermaid fountain, and then walking three buildings to Building 333, to climb to its third floor, and to walk three doors down. So, Curious George must remember three stops, for Third Avenue, triple mermaid fountain, three buildings to Building 333, third floor, and three doors down the hallway.

But, along the way, Curious George somehow forgets not to count the starting point as his first stop, and so he mistakingly disembarks at the second stop, considering that it's his third. Now, he suddenly remembers what the Man with the Yellow Hat has told him: "You don't count the square upon which you start."

And so, Curious George searches for Third Avenue and a triple mermaid fountain, but approaches a triple dolphin fountain, so that's close enough, probably, but then he sees a building with a blinking sign reading, "72, 3:25, 22," which he learns means "72 degrees f, 3:25 PM, and 22 degrees c." Oh, but Building 333 stands three buildings over, so Curious George decides that he could save a little lost time by scaling Building 333's exterior walls, instead of climbing its stairs.

So, as Building 333's Third-floor Receptionist directs Curious George to the third room down the hallway, will Curious George be able to deliver Chef Pisghetti's Primo Pisghetti Pie and be able to sample a serving before the audience which Chef Pisghetti addresses because, after all, Curious George serves as "Special Delivery Monkey?"



For the episode transcript, see Special Delivery Monkey Transcript.

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