Spotty Spotz
Spotty BSK
Spotty from the Bash Street Kids
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair None
Age 10
First appearance Issue #608 (February 13, 1954)

Jasper 'Spotty' Spotz is the seventh and last student of the seven pupils in Bash Street School's Class IIB. He is nicknamed Spotty because of the many black spots that cover his face. He also has an extraordinarily long tie which he uses to help the other kids out of tricky situations. In the 1963 TV show, The Beano, when the safety inspector closes down the school and sends the kids to Bash Street Academy, his spots are removed along with his aggressive, sarcastic nature.

His family name was revealed as Spotz in the Beano Annual 2007.

It is unclear whether Spotty's spots are due to the onset of puberty, a congenital deformity or a disfiguring but not very contagious disease. Or maybe he draws them on every morning with permanent marker.

Appearance Edit

Spotty wears a blue sweatshirt, a white shirt, an extremely long black and white striped tie, black shorts, black and white socks and grey shoes and a bald head.