Curious George (TV series)
Season 4, Episode 1B
Sprout Outing
Curious George, Personal Trainer
Gnocchi The Critic
Written by John Loy
Air date 2009/09/08

Sprout Outing is the second half-episode of the sixty-first episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George attends his first County Sprout outing, as he accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy, Vickie and her Little Brother on a trip to visit a vegetation forest preserve, as Curious George has been named an Honorary County Sprout, with the Man with the Yellow Hat as Honorary Sprout Master, and Bill the Country Neighbor Boy as Assistant Sprout Master.

Now, as soon as the Man with the Yellow Hat parks his vehicle, Curious George, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy and Vickie and her Little Brother Vinny jump out to feast upon the fruits of a wild blueberry shrub, so the Man with the Yellow Hat reads them admonitions from the Official County Sprout Rule Book, which states Rule #1 -- Don't eat from plants without asking an adult, Rule #2 -- Don't break any branches from any trees in the forest, and Rule #3 -- A Sprout must never leave the trail.

Well, now Curious George, Bill, Vickie and her Little Brother Vinny are ready to accompany the Man with the Yellow Hat along their vegetation exploration and to search for Doctor Greenbean, who doesn't seem to show for their outdoor meeting, so the County Sprouts search for blackberries and apples along the trail.

But after losing the trail map, which has flown from the window of the vehicle along the route to the vegetation forest preserve, Assistant Sprout Master Bill uses his navigation device to find the way to Doctor Greenbean, but then his batteries wear out, and the County Sprouts find themselves lost in the forest unless Curious George is able to discover the way by climbing a tall tree.

And then, when the other County Sprouts somehow forget Curious George in the tree and continue hiking along without him, Curious George discovers Doctor Greenbean deep in the woods, pruning branches from a tree, which Curious George, not knowing that Doctor Greenbean is in charge of the preserve, grabs his hat to run into the stream to prevent this stranger from removing branches from a tree because that action violates the Official County Sprout Rule Book.

So, as Curious George manages to patch the severed branches back onto the tree with mud from the stream, and with the Man with the Yellow Hat, Bill, Vickie and her Little Brother Vinny lost in forest, and with Doctor Greenbean off attempting to retrieve his hat, who will manage to save the day on the first official County "Sprout Outing?"



For the episode transcript, see Sprout Outing Transcript.

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