Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 9B
Squirrel For a Day
Curious George, Dog Counter
Curious George Discovers the 'Poles
Written by Sandra Willard
Air date 2006/09/26

Squirrel For a Day is the second half-episode of the ninth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, the Man with the Yellow Hat delays breakfast one morning in order to prepare a speech to honor Professor Wiseman in a tribute ceremony at the Museum of Science.

Well, as Curious George awaits breakfast, he steps outside to discover Jumpy Squirrel's burying nuts and acorns, an action which Curious George does not understand until Bill the Country Neighbor Boy explains that Jumpy Squirrel prepares provisions to endure the coming winter, by hoarding the foods which are now plentiful in order to survive beyond the harvest months.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat suffers from writer's block, and so he sets aside the speech which he cannot finish at this time, in order to run to the grocery store for breakfast supplies.

So, Curious George removes all of the other provisions from the kitchen to bury in separate holes around the yard, with the impression that this will make them more tasty than in their current condition.

Well, when the Man with the Yellow Hat returns to find that the cupboards and refrigerator are bare, he has to explain to Curious George that burying food does not work well for everyone except, perhaps, the squirrels.

But when the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that an acorn which has been planted by Bouncy Squirrel, the great-grandfather of Jumpy Squirrel, when the Man with the Yellow Hat was the Boy with the Yellow Hat, has blossomed into a tall oak tree, Curious George gets the idea to plant a rubber band to grow into an inter-tube, a feather to grow into a peacock, and the Man with the Yellow Hat's speech to grow into a finished product.

So, when the Man with the Yellow Hat returns from the Country grocery store once again, he finds another mess on his hands, which requires Curious George, the Man with the Yellow Hat, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy, Ma Rabbit, Jumpy Squirrel and an elderly neighbor with a metal detector to try to undo some of the damage created by Curious George, that rascally "Squirrel for a Day."



For the episode transcript, see Squirrel For a Day Transcript.

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