Still Crave
Season 4, Episode 7
Still Crave
Expansion Slime
The Mountains
Written by Jessica Javas
Air date June 22, 2017
Directed by CappottoXD123

Still Crave is the 7th Episode for the Season 4 of Cappotto's World.

Plot Edit

Sunshine wishes she has to had a Boyfriend, But every single girls want to had boyfriends.

Synopsis Edit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the third time that Sunshine is one twin where Sprime is absent, The first was in "The Name Of Prot" and the second is in "Expansion Slime"
  • This is the fourth time where Cappotto is absent, The first in "Not Be Good" the second in "Sunshine Upsetling" and the third in "Rusced Ovening".
  • The episode reveals that Sunshine is allergic to Sweet.
  • The first episode marks only Sunshine she is a Adult.
  • This is third episode where David appears, The first is "Rusced Ovening" and the second is "Cover Boys"

Errors Edit

  • When Sunshine is running, his dress is colored yellow.