Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 21A
Surprise Quints
Bee is for Bear
Muddy Monkey
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/01/15

Surprise Quints is the first half-episode of the twenty-first episode of Curious George.


In the Country Mrs. Quint plans a surprise party for her son, Mr. Quint's, birthday, and so she asks The Man with the Yellow Hat, Bill the Country Neighbor and Curious George for assistance.

But when Mr. Quint arrives early with his canoe, Mrs. Quint asks the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George to invite him to their Country house to build a fish pond, when Train Stationmaster Flint Quint, arrives, and as it turns out, it's Mr. Quint's twin brother's, Flint's birthday, too, so he mustn't know about the surprise party even though Curious George didn't know that Mr. Quint and Flint are twins.

Well, Mrs. Quint soon tells the Man with the Yellow Hat that the bakery truck has broken down, so the Man With the Yellow Hat leaves for Piscotto's Bakery in Franklin Square, with the brothers Quint to monkey-sit Curious George, who keeps them busy with a basket of fish-shape crackers, when brother Sheriff Wint Quint shows up to offer his triplet brothers a happy birthday, which means that Curious George will need a fourth plate of fish-shape crackers even though he didn't know that Mr. Quint, Flint and Wint are triplets.

But when Curious George returns inside to retrieve orange juice, he spill it onto the floor, when sister Sprint Quint the Track Star arrives, making the Quints quadruplets, and when Mint Quint the Government Money Printer arrives, this makes the Quints quintuplets because all five were born at once.

So, brother Clint Quint must not be a quintuplet, because he doesn't show up for this episode, but will Curious George be able to serve enough fish-shape crackers, while keeping the secret of Mrs. Quint's birthday party to honor the "Surprise Quints?"



For the episode transcript, see Surprise Quints Transcript.

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