Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 5A
The Amazing Maze Race
What Goes Up
The Color of Monkey
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2008/10/13

The Amazing Maze Race is the first half-episode of the fifty-fifth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat lunch at Why Go By Diner, at which Curious George discovers a maze puzzle on his paper menu place-mat and carries it along to Renkins' Farm, where Mr. Renkins has mowed a maze in his cornfield for today's big race.

Mr. and Mrs. Renkins welcome contestants, along with Mr. Quint to announce the race and to provide play-by-play commentary from a hot air balloon suspending over the cornfield maze, as four teams compete to reach Checkpoints #1, #2, and #3, before crossing the finish line.

Well, Team Bill consists of Bill the Country Neighbor Boy and his sack of corn kernels, which he drops along the way to figure his route. Team Sprint consists of Sprint Quint the Track Star, a quintuplet sister of Mr. Quint. Team Quint consists of quintuplet brother Sheriff Wint Quint plus a lady with the name of Tina, who carry a navigation device. And Team Monkey consists of Curious George with his place-mat, and the Man with the Yellow Hat in his yellow running outfit.

But Bill, Sprint Quint, Wint Quint, Tina, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat still encounter problems running inside of the cornfield maze before Mrs. Renkins lowers the hot air balloon, from which Mr. Quint observes the race. For one thing, Wint Quint and Tina's battery wears out before they fall into the duck pond; for another, Sprint Quint gets caught in circle and square shapes; for another, Mallard Duck sneaks into the maze and begins to follow Bill and to consume his corn kernels after he falls into the duck pond; and for another, Leslie the Cow sneaks into the maze and consumes Curious George's maze map after he falls into the duck pond, too.

So, as the audience cheers at the finish line, where Mrs. Renkins is prepared to award the winning team with a Golden Cob trophy, as Team Bill, Team Sprint, Team Quint and Team Monkey continue to race, along with Mallard Duck and Leslie the Cow, which team do you think just might win "The Amazing Maze Race?"



For the episode transcript, see The Amazing Maze Race Transcript.

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