Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 20A
The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat
Curious George in the Dark
Bee is for Bear
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2006/10/23

The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat is the first half-episode of the twentieth episode of Curious George. This was the last episode of an American television series released before the death of President Gerald Ford that December.


In the City, Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat, who anxiously paces the sidewalk, waiting for the cleaner's shoppe to open, for his laundered jacket and Yellow Hat, because he must look perfect for the opening of the new Plantariam Dome.

But, along the way back to the apartment a truck driver splashes mud from a puddle, a boy on a scooter trips them, a painter drops a bucket from a ladder, and a leaf blower threatens Curious George and the Man protecting his Yellow Hat from any damage.

Now, once they arrive safely, the Man places his Yellow Hat upon the rack, and asks two things of Curious George before leaving: not to touch the Man's Yellow Hat, and to take a bath, as photographers are attending the new Plantariam Dome's opening.

Well, Curious George decides to postpone bathing, to play with Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon, who lands upon the balcony railing. But when Curious George slides open the French doors, a gush of wind displaces the Yellow Hat, carrying it into the Park.

So, Curious George rushes through the lobby, passing the Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, before entering the park, climbing a tree, retrieving the Yellow Hat, carrying it back into Building 7, passing the Doorman and Hundley, with Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, following Curious George into the elevator. So Hundley follows Gnocchi and Curious George into the elevator and apartment.

But Curious George discovers a twig embedded into the Yellow Hat and prepares to remove it, but a thread emerges, which Curious George decides to trim with jelly-stained scissors, which leave a stain, which Curious George decides to remove with a scouring brush, which creates a hole within the Yellow Hat.

So, how will Curious George, Gnocchi and Hundley be able to mend the Yellow Hat, while tearing apart the apartment in search of yellow towels, construction paper, socks, pinions and everything yellow to restore "The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat?"



For the episode transcript, see The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat Transcript.

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