Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 5B
The Color of Monkey
The Amazing Maze Race
Man with the Monkey Hands
Written by Michael Maurer
Air date 2008/10/13

The Color of Monkey is the second half-episode of the fifty-fifth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George takes a bubble bath to appear his best as he and the Man with the Yellow Hat prepare to model for a photograph shoot for the cover of Birdwatchers' Magazine, to celebrate the City's Birdwatching Club's search for the Red Summer Tanager bird at the Park.

Now, Birdwatchers' Magazine Photographer joins Professor Wiseman, Chef Pisghetti and the Man with the Yellow Hat as the group to scout for the Summer Tanager, while Chef Pisghetti assigns Betsy and Steve to look after his restaurant kitchen, and to dye eggs in order to have an egg-hunting contest for the Summer Tanager.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat asks Betsy and Steve to look after Curious George so that he will not get dirty in the muddy park, and Chef Pisghetti asks Curious George, Betsy and Steve not to touch his special Heavenly Angel Food masterpiece cake on the shelf above, to celebrate the Summer Tanager party.

But Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon and Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel have also stopped in to watch Betsy, Steve and Curious George to dye the eggs into vats of yellow, blue and red, and to double dip them from one primary color into another, in order to achieve secondary colors of orange, green and violet.

And what do you think might happen when Steve ties Charkie's leash to the handle of a spoon drawer of a cabinet? Well, you guessed it. Charkie tugs the drawer onto the floor, rolling the cabinet into the cart containing the vats of egg dye, and this all heading straight for the shelf containing Heavenly Angel Food masterpiece cake, which Curious George attempts to rescue as it falls onto the egg dye vat cart, landing Curious George into the yellow dye, Charkie into the blue dye, and Compass into the red dye.

So, what could Betsy and Steve do about all of this mess now because the Man with the Yellow Hat would have a yellow monkey on his hands, and they promised to keep him clean for the Photographer, especially after Curious George falls into the vat of red dye to turn him completely orange, and then Curious George the orange Monkey chases after Charkie the blue Cocker Spaniel, who chases after Compass the red Pigeon, who flies into the Park, while Birdwatchers' Magazine Photographer, Professor Wiseman, Chef Pisghetti and the Man with the Yellow Hat continue to search for the Red Summer Tanager?"

Well, maybe Steve could hide Curious George into the dish-washing basin beneath a stack of soap suds, or at least it's worth a try once he returns into the kitchen, or at least until Curious again falls into the vat of red egg dye, and then it's someone else's turn to rescue Chef Pisghetti's Heavenly Angel Food masterpiece cake, as everyone tries to figure out "The Color of Monkey."



For the episode transcript, see The Color of Monkey Transcript.

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