Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 28A
The Elephant Upstairs
The Times of Sand
Being Hundley
Written by Sandra Willard
Air date 2007/02/21

The Elephant Upstairs is the first half-episode of the twenty-eighth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George tests the bounce factor of the living room furniture, but then he hears a heavy sound generating above the ceiling. Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains to Curious George that a new neighbor has moved in upstairs last week, and so this must be whom Curious George has heard, instead of some wild animal upstairs.

Now, this evening, Curious George reads from a wild animal book while in bed, considering that it must be a wild animal upstairs because the chandelier keeps swinging, and so he drags the Man with the Yellow Hat from bed to explain that it must be a wild elephant upstairs. But the Man with the Yellow Hat, instead of agreeing, hands Curious George a happy sleep-time mode book for pleasant bedtime reading.

Well, Curious George figures that if it isn't an elephant's walking around upstairs, then it must be an elephant's doing something else, but what? Then, the next morning, the Man with the Yellow Hat reports that he didn't sleep at all last night, while Curious George listens as a percolator drips, a faucet leaks, birds flutter outdoors, and traffic echoes from the streets below, so Curious George figures that there are plenty of new sounds to hear.

Then, when Curious George observes the balcony upstairs, he scales the building with a rope, but the Man with the Yellow Hat admonishes Curious George not to spy on new upstairs neighbor, and the Man with the Yellow Hat, instead, suggests that they introduce themselves after the Man with the Yellow Hat returns from work.

And then, when the Man with the Yellow Hat prepares to leave, Curious George maintains that the new neighbor isn't an elephant, but has a pet elephant, before Curious George listens to City sounds, as a chainsaw, a jackhammer and a gift-wrapping machine at Mabel's Department Store, before Curious George goes to City Zoo to observe an elephant in action, to figure that this must not be what he hears, and so he draws a Galápagos giant tortoise who has been wrapping gifts and making juice, to show to the doubting Man with the Yellow Hat.

But when the Man with the Yellow Hat finally hears the thumping, he decides that it's time to pay a visit. And, once upstairs, the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George visit Mr. Zoobel, an artist, who mixes paint and stamps it onto canvas on floor with rubber elephant foot stamp. And the sound of rocks' hitting the floor originated when a bag of groceries fell from his counter.

So, what do The Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund figure the thumping sound to be as they arrive at Mr. Zoobel's door to hear "The Elephant Upstairs?"



For the episode transcript, see The Elephant Upstairs Transcript.

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