Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 18B
The Lucky Cap
King Doggie
Curious George, Sea Monkey
Written by Ron Holsey
Air date 2008/02/20

The Lucky Cap is the second half-episode of the fourty-eighth episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, Betsy and Steve play hopscotch on the sidewalk with Curious George, who never met their mark because, when Curious George reaches square seven, he's sure to have bad luck, bad luck with pouring, and bathtub boating, and being caught in the rain with Charkie the Black Cocker Spaniel, who loses her ball in Endless Park Lake.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat rescues Curious George and Charkie and decides to purchase Curious George a hat so that he doesn't get wet, and so Curious George decides upon a lucky horseshoe cap, which suddenly changes his wave of bad luck, when he finds a coin, and Charkie finds her ball.

Well, Curious George also wins the Dolson's Toy Shoppe shopping spree, to retrieve as many toys as he can collect within ten seconds, and so he selects a toy boat and a bagful of other toys.

Then, Steve designs an extreme hopscotch course, and he and Betsy challenge Curious George to try first. But, this time around, Curious George lands upon number 13 even though he has never counted that high before and doesn't know how to continue; however, he manages to reach number 16, before returning to number one.

And then, Curious George must toss an eight to win the extreme hopscotch course, before Steve designs the ultra mega extreme hopscotch course for Friday's competition.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, the Man with the Yellow Hat ask Curious George if he's sure that he doesn't want to remove his lucky cap to bathe or to sleep, but Curious George wishes to wear it all week and at all times, or at least until it falls from his head, after rolling from his pillow.

But, on Friday morning, Curious George realizes that his lucky cap is missing, and so he searches his room, to find his missing sandwich. Yet the Man with the Yellow Hat finds Curious George's lucky cap and washes it, but it shrinks in the hot water! Curious George tries in vain to stretch it back into shape because he doesn't want the Man with the Yellow Hat to purchase another cap even with a good luck guarantee.

So, when Steve invites Curious George and several others to participate in the monstrous ultra mega extreme hopscotch course, will Curious George manage to endure the 21-spot course even though he's never counted that high before, while Curious George must also jump backwards and without "The Lucky Cap?"



For the episode transcript, see The Lucky Cap Transcript.

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