Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 9B
The Magic Garden
Monkey Stagehand
Curious George, Plumber's Helper
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/11/20

The Magic Garden is the second half-episode of the thirty-ninth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George decides that the best vegetables in the world come from Market, where he and the Man with the Yellow Hat are shopping, when the Man with the Yellow Hat says that he is thinking of making vegetable soup, but Chef Pisghetti makes the very best fresh vegetable soup, and so he and Curious George go to Pisghetti's Restaurant to order Minestrone and spinach ravioli.

Now, when Netti takes their order, Chef Pisghetti announces that he is out of fresh vegetables and asks Curious George to accompany him to his rooftop vegetable garden, where they discover that the rooftop garden contains weeds, which subtract water and nutrients from vegetables, but Chef Pisghetti is too tired to weed after working all day.

Well, later this evening, the Man with the Yellow Hat reads Curious George a bedtime story about the Shoemaker and the Elves, when Curious George envisions Chef Pisghetti as the Shoemaker, so perhaps a little monkey could become an elf for a chef?

Then, the next morning, Curious George does his elf-ing, by removing all of the vegetables from the rooftop garden and tossing them into the garbage. When Chef Pisghetti invites Curious George and Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, to harvest more fresh vegetables, Chef Pisghetti discovers that they've all disappeared, while Curious George leans over the rooftop to discover the garbage truck's exiting the street!

And then, Chef Pisghetti and Curious George plant seeds for carrots, squash and eggplant, but seeds require three or four months to germinate and to grow into crops. So now, Chef Pisghetti says that he's ruined, but Netti encourages him to persevere by purchasing fresh vegetables from the Market.

Yet, that night, Curious George decides that he has more elf-ing to do, and so he removes the carrots from the refrigerator which the Man with the Yellow Hat has purchased from the Market, and then he plants them directly into Chef Pisghetti's rooftop garden. A delighted Chef Pisghetti consults Professor Wiseman, who says that carrots just can't grow from seeds overnight, but he cannot leave the sample with Professor Wiseman to study further because Chef Pisghetti needs the carrot back to make soup.

But, when Chef Pisghetti wonders why the eggplants and squash did not grow, but later discovers fully-grown eggplants, squash and cans of peas beneath the soil of his garden (even though Chef Pisghetti ought to realize that these grow above ground), Professor Wiseman analyzes the soil and tells Netti that the dirt is just normal, but then she alerts Professor Doctor Alvin Einstein and Professor Tony Pizza to scurry to Chef Pisghetti's Restaurant upon the reports of the cans of peas growing beneath his garden.

So, when the Man with the Yellow Hat discovers that refrigerator is empty, will he be able to ask Curious George what happened to their vegetables, as Curious George watches with Chef Pisghetti, Netti and Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, as Professor Wiseman, Professor Doctor Alvin Einstein and Professor Tony Pizza dig can of peas from Chef Pisghetti's rooftop containing "The Magic Garden?"



For the episode transcript, see The Magic Garden Transcript.

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