The Name Of Prot
Season 4, Episode 3
The Name Of Prot
Safari Fun
Written by Cristina Tesmaz
Air date June 13, 2017
Directed by CappottoXD123

The name of prot-0
The name of prot

The Name Of Prot is the 3th Episode of the Season 4 from the Cappotto's World.

Plot Edit

Sunshine has got a big butt to farted out just saying "Prot"

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts off where Cappotto is watching a TV, while Sunshine thinks to have a big butt called "Prot", Cappotto changes channel, he seen a cartoon called "Kyal The Monkey" Then Kyal appears in a TV. (Editing Later)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time where Sunshine appears while Sprime is absent.
  • This is Kyal The Monkey's First Appearance.

Errors Edit

  • Maurette Cloras' name is misspelled on the title card. Cloras is spelled as "Cloros".