(the episode starts where Cappotto watches the TV)

Sunshine: I want a big prot to farted out... But i don't know?

(as The Idea, Cappotto changes channel and Watching "Kyal The Monkey")

Kyal The Monkey: Hey, Kids! Are you ready for the jungle adventure?

Kids: (off-screen in a TV) YES!

Cappotto: Hey, Sunshine! Can you watch "Kyal the Monkey"?

Sunshine: No, thanks, Im going to the shop to buying a big prot.

(Sunshine slams the door)

Cappotto: *sighs*

(Sunshine is going to the shop in backyard)

Sunshine: Well, Im gonna buying a big butt called "Prot", But i can do it. (He reveals his shop) BLARGHHHIWANTAKALSKYCSUPOKLASKYCSOPO AAAAHHH! (go there in a shop) Excuse me? i want a big butt "prot" to farted out?

Man Shop: Fine, you can use this.

Sunshine: Yes!

(Cappotto watches a TV bored out, and Sunshine enters)

Sunshine: Hey! Cappotto! I buyed a big butt called "prot" to farted out!