Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 1B
The Perfect Carrot
Ice Station Monkey
Curious George Meets The Press
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2008/09/01

The Perfect Carrot is the second half-episode of the fifty-first episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George attempts to plant carrot seeds, by digging a pit outside the Country house, and tossing into it a package of carrot seeds, package and all, until the Man with the Yellow Hat reminds him that this is not the way the instructions tell you to plant carrots. And so, the Man with the Yellow Hat assists Curious George, by tilling the soil to plant a proper garden, before Curious George places his carrot seeds into the new garden.

Now, the next morning when a very disappointed Curious George discovers that the carrots didn't grow overnight, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that the package instructions say to allow 66 days for the carrots to grow, and so when Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat into the City each week, Bill the Country Neighbor volunteers to water the garden.

Well, on one return trip into the Country, Curious George discovers that his carrot garden has animal tracks by someone who has left a handful of acorns behind, and so Curious George tells Jumpy Squirrel not to trample through his carrot garden and posts a "no trespassing' notice for others to follow suit, after Curious George samples one of his three growing carrots but finds it too bitter to the taste and replants it.

And, after 66 days transpire, Curious George shows the Man with the Yellow Hat that it's time to harvest his three carrots, but when he pulls the first carrot, he discovers that it has grown awry and discards it. From the other end, he harvests the carrot which he has previously tasted, but discovers that it has also grown off course with a double root.

But the carrot in the middle looks just right with its large form, and so Curious George decides that this would be "The Perfect Carrot," and so he slides it into one of the Man with the Yellow Hat's boots, before he decides that he would not be able to carry it around, and then he borrows the Man with the Yellow Hat's telescope case to carry the carrot to show the Country neighbors, but Bill's Mother (who is not seen but heard) tells Curious George that Bill's Bunnies have escaped two days earlier, and that Bill is out searching for them.

So, Curious George carries the carrot in the telescope case, when he discovers bunny footprints leading into a cave, inside which he encounters five of Bill's Bunnies. Previously, Bill has seven Bunnies: Fuzzy, Whitey, Brownie, Spotty, Black Ears, Cotton Tail, and Herbert Nenninger, and there is no explanation as to why there are now five, but anyway, Curious George ponders a very difficult decision as to how to contain the five hungry Bunnies inside the cave even if it means sacrificing for their benefit "The Perfect Carrot."



For the episode transcript, see The Perfect Carrot Transcript.

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