• Narrator: Once upon a time, there were three bears! Mam, Pa and Ted!
  • Ted: I was cooking some roast beef at home right now! (cooks the roast beef)
  • Pa: Wow, Ted! You're quite lovely!
  • Mam: It's true.
  • Ted: I made it!
  • Mam: Wow! A lovely roast beef! (She, Pa and Ted eat roast beef)
  • Pa: Yum! Roast beef!
  • Ted: Sometimes I have, uh, whoops! (the chair falls down then it breaks)
  • Narrator: The three bears could work on their plan!
  • Mam: Where were we going, Pa?
  • Pa: Don't know!
  • (both gasp)
  • Narrator: Back in the cave!
  • Pa: Hey, who's been sitting on my chair?
  • Ted: And who's been sitting on mine? And it was broken all to pieces!
  • Mam: No more chairs, Ted!
  • Pa: B-b-but why?

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