• Narrator: Once upon a time, there were three bears! Mam, Pa and Ted!
  • Ted: (sighs) I'm starving!
  • Pa: Hmmm. I know, son, I am starving too! Uh, we'll have to find that's where you're getting food! (He, Mam and Ted look at the sound of the cave fired)
  • Mam: Oh! What's that noise?
  • Pa: (chuckles) It could be my tummy rumbling!
  • Ted: That noise came from here! (gasps) The cave's all fired!
  • Pa: Look! It's all cracking!
  • Mam: Oh my!
  • (the cave cracks and the egg falls down then it wobbles and hatches, it was a baby dragon)
  • Pa: Well, it's a baby dragon! Ooh! And it must have been waiting to (chuckles) hatch for thousand years! Oh hello! You're a cute little fellow! We'll call you Scorcher! And you can be just been what we've been looking for! (cash register rings) Scorcher's good to help us to get some grub from (chuckles) the store! (kisses Scorcher) Oh, here you are, little pal! (puts the building mask on)
  • Scorcher: (fires the store, sighs)
  • Pa: (chuckles) Well done, little dragon! Oh! A nice chicken for me!
  • Narrator: Back in the cave!
  • Pa: (puts the chicken in the oven) Try more senses, Scorcher?
  • Scorcher: (fires the chicken)
  • Pa: (chuckles) He's a great cook too!
  • (a smoke is coming at the oven, Pa, Mam, Ted and Scorcher eat chicken)
  • Pa: Yup!
  • Ted: (sighs)
  • Pa: (burps)
  • Mam: That was delicious, my scorcher! (burps)
  • Pa: You're going to be great to have that!
  • Scorcher: (fires Pa's head then it cracks and he has false teeth)
  • Pa: Except what we have been (his head pops out) so tasty habit! (his mouth bites his teeth)
  • Scorcher: (burps)

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