• Narrator: Once upon a time, there were three bears! Mam, Pa and Ted!
  • Mam: We're hungry!
  • Pa: Yeah!
  • Ted: Hey, why don't we go and see McInk in Hank's Hardware Store! Come on! (He, Mam and Pa run past)
  • Pa: Whew! This roof is dusty down here.
  • Hank: Here are your bagpipes, McInk!
  • McInk: Why thank you!
  • (bagpipe sounds)
  • Pa: Hmmm. I haven't seen him!
  • Ted: Uh, where is he?
  • McInk: (plays his bagpipe) Welcome, three bears! Would you like to join me?
  • Pa: (chuckles) How nice!
  • McInk: It's what I play the bagpipes! But I haven't least at well! (walks, clears throat)
  • (the three bears walk past)
  • McInk: A sack? (shoots the sack with a gun before it falls) Oh, man! I couldn't believe!
  • Pa: Hey, why don't we saw the cactus?
  • Ted: Yeah! (cuts the cactus with a saw and it falls down)
  • Pa: Oh, sorry. Maybe I'll try again. (cuts the cactus with a cactus) Timber!
  • (McInk plays the bagpipe so the cactus lands on him)
  • Mam: Oh man!
  • McInk: Ah!
  • Pa, Mam and Ted: Hooray!
  • Ted: We did it, Pa!
  • Pa: Well done, son!
  • Mam: Now let's go home!
  • Narrator: Back in the cave!
  • Pa: (sighs) This is such a lovely day!

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