Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 27B
The Times of Sand
The All Animal Recycled Band
The Elephant Upstairs
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/02/20

The Times of Sand is the second half-episode of the twenty-seventh episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George decides that the Country house is a great little place, but what would it be like to have a great big place, like a Country castle?

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat finds an old photograph album to show Curious George, which includes a picture of himself as the Boy with the Yellow Hat at the beach, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests for Curious George and him to travel to beach.

Now, along the way, Curious George draws castle architectural plans, and upon their arrival, Curious George continues to draw, as the Man with the Yellow Hat sets up their belongings to enjoy an afternoon at the beach.

Then, Curious George dreams of impressing the Man with the Yellow Hat, by building a grand sand castle as he challenges the Man with the Yellow Hat to construct separate sand castles. The Man with the Yellow Hat explains that Curious George needs a pail and shovel, before stationing themselves on either side of a sand dune. (A Goof occurs during the dream sequence, as the Man with the Yellow Hat's bare feet suddenly procure sandals.)

And then, Curious George draws floor-plans in the sand, along with a fire exit in case of emergencies, and now he attempts to build a wall, but the sand doesn't cooperate. It, instead, spills all over the place.

But Bill the Country Neighbor Boy arrives from nowhere with Ma Rabbit, who kicks plenty of sand, before Bill explains that sand mixed with water is better for building than just plain sand. So, Curious George collects wet sand to form a sand bunny, and decides that this wet sand works better for constructing a castle, as well.

Yet, when Curious George walks behind the dune to invite the Man with the Yellow Hat to see his sand bunnies, the tide has by now swept in and erases everything, covering the rock upon which Curious George has placed his book, pail and shovel. So, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that the tides wash away Curious George's sand bunnies, while Bill explains that Ma Rabbit has burrowed through the Man with the Yellow Hat 's sand castle.

So, instead of leaving disappointed, shall Curious George, Bill and the Man with the Yellow Hat all join forces to pull together to construct a sand castle? And will Curious George feel content to leave the sand castle at the beach when it's time for Curious George to return with the Man with the Yellow Hat to the Country house after "The Times of Sand?"



For the episode transcript, see The Times of Sand Transcript.

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