Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 17B
This Little Piggy
Curious George Sinks the Pirates
King Doggie
Written by Michael Maurer
Air date 2008/02/19

This Little Piggy is the second half-episode of the fourty-seventh episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat walk passed the window of Dulson's Toy Store, before entering to purchase banana snack bars.

Yet, inside, Curious George becomes excited to see that Mrs. Dulson displays a toy boat, which costs five dollars, but Curious George has only five cents remaining from his dollar-per-week allowance.

Now, back at the apartment, Curious George shows The Man with the Yellow Hat his savings, which he embeds into a stuffed animal plus his fish tank plus cardboard boxes embedded within one another, but to find a small amount consisting of a few more pennies.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat then purchases a piggy bank for Curious George to insert his ten pennies, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat offers him a nickel, to amass fifteen cents for his savings' bank.

Then, if Curious George saves his dollar allowance each week, perhaps, Curious George could manage to purchase the toy boat in five weeks.

And then, Curious George decides to launch into extra chores, to earn more than his one-dollar per week salary, but The Man with the Yellow Hat cannot pay him extra for things which he could do for himself, but yet, he offers Curious George twenty cents extra for his labors.

Yet, Chef Pisghetti, too, offers Curious George a few cents for assisting him and Nettie inside of their restaurant kitchen, before Curious George gets the idea to drum up money, by playing drums, horns and bells outside of Chef Pisghetti's Restaurant, which disturbs Chef Pisghetti and Nettie, before Nettie gets the idea to offer Curious George four quarters for his noisy instruments.

But, when Curious George cannot manage to insert his fourth quarter, Betsy informs Curious George that his piggy bank is full. But how to open the piggy bank? Betsy offers him the use of her hammer, but has Curious George the heart to destroy his piggy bank? Or could Curious George and Betsy discover another way to remove the coins? Or has Charkie the Black Cocker Spaniel another idea as to how to retrieve Curious George's savings from his piggy bank?

So, how will Curious George manage to purchase his toy boat at Dulson's Toy Store if it means to destroy "This Little Piggy?"



For the episode transcript, see This Little Piggy Transcript.

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