Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 1A
Up, Up and Away
Curious George vs. Winter
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2007/09/03

Up, Up and Away is the first half-episode of the thirty-first episode of Curious George.


In the County, Curious George enjoys the best blueberries from Renkins' farm, where Mr. Renkins tells Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat that Mrs. Renkins is behind the barn with Bill the Country Neighbor Boy and the hot air balloon. Curious George then helps Mrs. Renkins, Bill and the Man with the Yellow Hat to inflate the hot air balloon with his breath, before realizing that a fan and burner inflate it.

Now, Bill explains that there are birds to see in the air, so when Mrs. Renkins invites Curious George to ride away, the Man with the Yellow Hat asks how far they'll go and for how long, so Mrs. Renkins answers, "As long as tether holds up."

And, when the Man with the Yellow Hat helps Mrs. Renkins to return the fan into the barn, Bill explains that a tether is a rope on a reel to secure the balloon to the ground, but the tether rope breaks, carrying away Bill and Curious George up and away in the runaway balloon!

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat accompanies Mrs. Renkins in her truck to attempt to capture the hot air balloon, but Mrs. Renkins' truck gets caught on the pier, so the Man with the Yellow Hat jumps into Mr. Quint's rowboat, as Mr. Quint rows it in pursuit of the runaway hot air balloon.

Then, Curious George turns the gage knob, before Bill explains that the gage makes the hot air balloon soar higher, so Curious George considers that sandbags anchor the balloon, and Curious George drops them into Lake Wannasink Lake, causing Mr. Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat to crash the rowboat into the banks!

And then, Sheriff Wint Quint writes a ticket for Mr. Quint and his rowboat's illegal parking, before Sheriff Wint Quint transports the Man with the Yellow Hat on his motorcycle, for the Man with the Yellow Hat to catch the tether rope, which carries the Man with the Yellow Hat across the Country, to crash into a haystack at Renkins' Farm!

But Bill and Curious George soar away as the runaway hot air balloon soars above the ocean! Curious George nonchalantly feeds birds, as Bill panics. Bill explains for Curious George to pull a lever, to allow trapped birds to escape above, but the lever also causes the hot air balloon to lower into the ocean!

So, will the Man with the Yellow Hat, now galloping on horseback, be able to save the day for Bill and Curious George by lassoing the runaway hot air balloon, as Bill and Curious George fly "Up, Up and Away?"



For the episode transcript, see Up, Up and Away Transcript.

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