Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 3A
Up A Tree
Cat Mother
Curious George and the Trash
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/09/05

Up A Tree is the first half-episode of the thirty-third episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George defies house rules, by painting upon the walls, before the Man with the Yellow Hat reminds him that it violates his code. But, when Curious George butters his corn-on-the-cob with his feet, house rules still apply, and Curious George decides that some house rules do make sense whereas others do not.

Now, outside, Jumpy Squirrel climbs his tree, and so does Curious George, but then it suddenly rains, and Curious George is quickly soaked, so the Man with the Yellow Hat gives him a dry, fluffy towel, leading Curious George to figure that he cannot play outdoors in the tree in the rain--unless he builds a tree house, and, that way, Curious George may invent his own house rules.

Well, Curious George selects the perfect branch, and also selects the perfect materials, such as cardboard, which isn't too perfect to serve as a floor-board because it's too pliable and doesn't support Curious George's weight, and so he falls from the tree!

Then, Mrs. Renkins offers Curious George a sturdy floor-board, trimming it according to Curious George's tree-house plan. Mrs. Renkins then offers Curious George the use of any wood which he may need.

And then, Curious George consults Mr. Quint at the pier, as Mr. Quint repairs the boards with hammer and nails, and so Mr. Quint offers Curious George the use of his hammer and nails.

Well, Curious George is now ready to build, so the Man with the Yellow Hat offers a hand, but Curious George denies that he needs assistance, so the Man with the Yellow Hat reminds him to be a good little monkey as he does whatever it is that he is doing.

But, when Curious George lifts the floor-board onto his perfect branch in Jumpy Squirrel's tree, the floor-board doesn't balance, and then it tumbles to the ground, causing Curious George to re-evaluate his plan, by suspending the floor-board across two branches, while Curious George wears goggles and two sets of gloves, as he uses all four hands to construct his tree-house.

Yet, with one wall to go, Curious George runs out of nails, and the one sheet of wood remaining, he cannot lift. So, Curious George then returns to the pier to remove Mr. Quint's nails and then a wall from Tracy the Hen's chicken coop, but now Tracy and her Chicks haven't a coop, and Mr. Quint falls from the pier when he and Tina try to sail.

Then, Curious George shows his new tree-house to the Man with the Yellow Hat, who is impressed, or at least until Mrs. Renkins and Mr. Quint arrive to complain about Curious George's borrowing the wrong things. But do they like his tree-house enough to approve it?

So, when Curious George paints his walls and throws his tree-house-warming party, serving corn-on-the-cob to Jumpy Squirrel, the Man with the Yellow Hat and himself, how will the Man with the Yellow Hat butter an ear of corn-on-the-cob with his feet under Curious George's tree-house rules once they're all "Up a Tree?"



For the episode transcript, see Up A Tree Transcript.

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