Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 11A
Water to Ducks
Curious George Finds His Way
Animal Magnetism
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2006/09/28

Water to Ducks is the first half-episode of the eleventh episode of Curious George.


In the Country one rainy day, the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George, "It's great weather for ducks," as he often remarks during a storm.

Well, the rains soon clear, leaving mud and puddles, and so Curious George rushes outside to play, as Jumpy Squirrel recognizes a Duckling and befriends him, and Curious George plays by a duck puddle all day and then dreams of flying with ducks by night, while Jumpy Squirrel also dreams about swimming and flying with ducks.

Now, the next morning, when Curious George notices the ducks swimming more closely together than the afternoon before, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that puddles shrink, and then the ducks leave, in order to search for bodies of water to swim. The Man with the Yellow Hat then invites Curious George to assist him in mending fences at the Renkins, but Curious George decides to remain in the yard to play with the Ducks and Jumpy Squirrel, while Bill the Country Neighbor Boy watches, while sitting upon his fence.

So, as ducks fly away one by one, Curious George gets the idea to carry his wading pool up the hill for the remaining ducks to stay on hand. At first, he cannot carry the wading pool as he did earlier in the summer, so then he realizes that the wading pool was empty at the time, and then he pours out the water to carry the wading pool up the hill toward Jumpy Squirrel, the Duckling and the last remaining Duck.

But how will Curious George refill the wading pool with water? He tries to fill it from the garden hose, but the garden hose doesn't quite reach to the top of the hill from the Country house, and so he tries to carry a pail of water, but this is too heavy for Curious George to lug. Curious George then tries to carry water in a sponge, but when that doesn't quite work, he begins to make several trips up the hill, carrying water in his cup with the duck design.

Then, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy suggests a "bucket brigade," before he and Curious George carry pails half filled with water up the hill to pour into the wading pool. But once Bill and Curious George manage to fill the wading pool, Bill decides that it sits too closely with the edge of the top of the hill.

And when Bill attempts to slide the wading pool to safety, he loses his grip and lands into the pool, which begins to slide quickly down the hillside, carrying Bill, Curious George, Jumpy Squirrel, the Duck and the Duckling toward the Country house, as the Man with the Yellow notices the wading pool and all of its passengers heading toward the door.

So, how will this turn out for everyone, after Bill and Curious George have carried "Water to Ducks?"



For the episode transcript, see Water to Ducks Transcript.

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