Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 8A
Wheels on the Bus
Everything Old Is New Again
Seed Trouble
Written by Bill Burnett
Air date 2009/02/16

Wheels on the Bus is the first half-episode of the fifty-eighth episode of Curious George.


In the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat has an important Sunday morning meeting at Glass Palace with Professor Wiseman and the visiting Doctor Forban, with whom Professor Wiseman plans to share the wildlife drawings of the Man with the Yellow Hat, to consider for display at Doctor Forban's museum, in Paris, France, to which Doctor Forban's airplane soon departs.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat packs his drawings, including "Snakey Staircase" into his presentation case and invites Curious George to the meeting, but first they must make the trip across Endless Park within seven minutes because Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat stand at the southern edge of the Park, and Mr. Glass' Glass Palace rises across from Endless Park's northwest corner, so the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests that Curious George and he ride the bus.

But, at the main map before the bus-stop, Curious George notices that no hand-out maps are available, and Curious George does enjoy discovering landmarks along his route, by referring to those hand-out maps, so when the bus stops before the Library, and Curious George notices that the main map outside contains hand-out maps, Curious George disembarks the bus before it is ready to continue along its way, and when the Man with the Yellow Hat notices that Curious George stands outside along the sidewalk, he scurries to retrieve him, leaving his presentation case on the bus, which, of course, continues along without Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Now, Curious George suddenly comes up with an idea to chase after the bus, by jumping into the carriage of a delivery boy peddling a bicycle, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat hails a taxicab to follow the bus and the monkey on the bicycle, as the seconds tick away, all to the confusion of the Cabbie.

Then Professor Wiseman tells Doctor Forban that the Man with the Yellow Hat has never before been late for an appointment, but Doctor Forban reminds her that his plane leaves for Paris within a matter of minutes, and he must rush to the airport, with or without seeing the wildlife drawings of the Man with the Yellow Hat.

So, when the Bicycle Messenger stops to make a delivery, Curious George decides to shortcut through Endless Park, by swinging from branch to branch along the path of trees, but when one branch snaps, Curious George falls into the carriage of a horse-drawn vehicle, loses his map, and bounces onto the frightened horse, which scurries through the park without its carriage driver, but with Curious George's clinging on as the horse heads on a collision course with the Glass Palace, the bus and Doctor Forban, who hails the taxi which the Man with the Yellow Hat is riding. Will Curious George be able to rescue the drawings and save the day any faster than those "Wheels on the Bus?"



For the episode transcript, see Wheels on the Bus Transcript.

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