Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 6B
Whistlepig Wednesday
Man with the Monkey Hands
George Digs Worms
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2008/11/28

Whistlepig Wednesday is the second half-episode of the fifty-sixth episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, on the last Tuesday in August, as summer draws toward an end, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat return from Endless Park, after playing a long game of "Sorry, I Didn't Mean to Kick That Over Your Head."

Well, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat encounter the Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, as the Doorman presents to Curious George a copy of Mr. Glass' book "Whistlepig Wednesday," leading The Man with the Yellow Hat to explain that on Groundhog Day, February 02, if the groundhog sees its shadow, it returns to hibernate, to herald six more weeks of winter. And, when Mr. Glass was seven, on the last Wednesday in August, he met Sherry the Whistlepig (which means Groundhog in the City), who saw her shadow in Endless Park and began to hibernate, signaling chilly weather and an early start of Fall, indicating a speedy end of Summer.

Now, Curious George returns outdoors, along with Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, for Curious George to explain to Hundley how shadows work, but Hundley, who never knew about shadows, doesn't care too much for this idea because Hundley is very clean, but shadows look dirty to him.

So, Curious George cannot figure why Sherry the Whistlepig has a more important shadow than anybody else, and off he goes to Endless Park to meet Sherry the Whistlepig, who has no shadow anyway because a cloud hides the sunlight from shining upon them. But bright and early the next morning, Curious George returns to Endless Park, on "Whistlepig Wednesday" but falls asleep beside the residence of Sherry the Whistlepig. Mr. Glass also arrive very early to set up video camera and reaches into the cave to retrieve Curious George instead of Sherry, and so Curious George appears on the television news report "Only a Monkey Shadow" instead of Sherry the Whistlepig.

But when Mr. Glass announces a rescheduling for "Whistlepig Thursday," Curious George decides to reappear at Endless Park by daybreak to figure the reason for the importance of Sherry the Whistlepig's shadow. Curious George invites Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund and Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, to accompany him, and then Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon follows along, everyone to confuse Mr. Glass once again until Curious George is able to summon Sherry the Whistlepig from her burrow.

Then do you think that Curious George will learn his lesson this time about ways to tell when the weather may change, on the heels of "Whistlepig Wednesday?"



For the episode transcript, see Whistlepig Wednesday Transcript.

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