Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 3A
Zeroes to Donuts
Out of Order
Curious George, Stain Remover
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2006/09/06

Zeroes to Donuts is the first half-episode of the third episode of Curious George.

Well, by now, it's established that the Man with the Yellow Hat owns two residences: a country house of his childhood, and a city apartment in high-rise Building 7. This episode divides its Acts between these two venues....


One peaceful Saturday city morning, Curious George awakens to dreams of a special treat, causing a groggy Man with the Yellow Hat to suggest that they step out for a dozen of dough-nuts once he dresses. (Clips from these scene are used are used in the series' opening credits.)

The Man with the Yellow Hat then asks Curious George to count the number of eggs' remaining inside the refrigerator while he dresses, but there are none, causing Curious George to stumble for an answer because he has yet to learn the quality of zero, for which the Man with the Yellow Hat instructs him before they leave the apartment, by teaching him to draw a zero, and showing some of its uses and benefits.

Strolling through the business district, the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests for Curious George to take his hand-written order for one dozen of dough-nuts to Miss Donuts' bakery, while the Man with the Yellow Hat shops for eggs at the grocery store.

Along the way, Curious George encounters his friend Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel, who follows him into Miss Donuts' bakery, and wrestles him to the floor to drop the dough-nut order. Curious George then teaches Charkie the Cocker Spaniel how to draw a zero, onto the order form, after the "1," causing Mrs. D., owner of the store, to understand that he needs ten dozen dough-nuts. Upon her return, however, Mrs. D. discovers a second zero, to indicate 100 dozen, which she eagerly packages for this very good customer.

Curious George and Charkie the Cocker Spaniel then scurry from Miss Donuts' bakery empty-handed, for Curious George to attempt to sneak back into Building 7 undetected by Mrs. D. and her crew of delivery agents' hauling 1,200 products.

But Hundley, the Doorman's Dachshund, surely must perceive that he's doing Curious George a huge favor when he directs Mrs. D. and her employees unto the proper address, and so Curious George must think quickly about how to conceal the excess 99 dozen of dough-nuts from the Man with the Yellow Hat before he discovers the blunder and receives the invoice for 100 dozen, as a result of "Zeros to Donuts."



For the episode transcript, see Zeroes to Donuts Transcript.

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